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Our history

Our story begins in 18 February of 2015 when one week before, our current Team Leader has accepted moving from Developer to the new role.

We've came a long way, with really some great up and downs, but, we were able to buid one of the most engaging, high performance and self motivated team inside Jumia.

Part of the initial team is no longer working with us, either by moving to another Jumia team or embracing new adventures in another projects but they are not forgotten as they are part of what we are today!

After 6 years and 22 days, team as we know it, has come to an end. Each team member will join another team and continue supporting and pursuing the Jumia vision.

Feb. 18, 2015 - Mar. 12, 2021


Main areas of expertize


Overall e-commerce features.


We love to work with payment providers, always fun and unpredictable.


We do tools that make our work life easier.

Our Amazing Team

Ninja Bytes - Hall of Fame

Álvaro Ferreira

Angélica Cunha

Bruno Soares

Cláudio Pimenta

Cristiano Gomes

Damien Grandjean

Daniel Duarte

David Costa

Diana Machado

Elsa Leite

Emídio Quintela

Filipe Vinha

Guillaume Wibaux

Gustavo Lapa

Hashim Maqbool

Hugo Gonçalves

Hélder Nunes

Ireneu Pais

Isabel Estevão

Ivan Coelho

Joana Pereira

João Falcão

Lia Silva

Lucy Shapiro

Luís Barbosa

Luís Cardoso

Majid Salehani

Marta Silva

Nabeel Ahmed

Nuno Duarte

Nuno Santos

Oduye Oluwayemisi (Yemisi)

Paula Marques

Priyanka Koribili

Rajeev Kumar

Raul Liinev

Reyaan Boltman

Ricardo Coelho

Ricardo Lagoa

Robyn Wright

Rui Bastos

Tiago Costa

Vuyolwethu Mqulo

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